New ‘Can-culator’ helps Facilities Managers make sure Every Can Counts

Published on: May 15, 2012

Published by: Alupro

Every Can Counts has developed a new tool to help Facilities Managers calculate and demonstrate the potential of drinks can recycling in their organisation.  The ‘Can-culator’ works out how many drinks cans employees could generate for recycling in a year. The total is then used to compare the energy which could be saved by recycling the cans to the running time of workplace equipment .

For example a business with 12 employees will be told: “The energy saved through recycling your organisation’s drinks cans is equivalent to running a desktop PC for 81 days”.  The calculations are based on the findings from research carried out by Every Can Counts that showed employees recycle on average five cans per month.

Although only for illustrative purposes, Every Can Counts hopes that facilities managers, and other business users, will find the Can-culator to be a useful tool to demonstrate the potential of recycling; and to communicate the benefits to colleagues and employees in their organisation.

Over 700 organisations around the UK have joined Every Can Counts since the programme launched in 2009 and there are over 4000 branded collection points.  Although it focuses on promoting drinks can recycling, results show that the programme boosts collections of all recyclables in a workplace, and increases employee engagement.

Every Can Counts Marketing Manager Diana Caldwell explains: “One of the common responses we get when talking to FMs about recycling is that their organisation doesn’t use many cans, so we feel it’s important to show the value of recycling every one.  We’re hoping FMs will use the Can-culator to ‘do the maths’ and get recycling.”

“Can recycling has some very compelling benefits – the metal is infinitely recyclable, and the recycling process saves up to 95% of the energy needed to make metal from raw materials.  Each can recycled cuts the carbon footprint of the next one made, so in terms of the contribution it makes to the sustainability of an organisation, a can recycling programme can really make an impact.”

The Can-culator will be on display on the Every Can Counts stand (S20) at the Facilities Show at the NEC, Birmingham from 15th – 17th May. It is also available on Facebook.

Every Can Counts aims to enable and encourage more people to recycle the drinks cans they use outside the home.  The programme is funded by a partnership comprising UK and European drinks can manufacturers, the aluminium and steel packaging and recycling industries, and energy drinks brand Red Bull.

Note:The Can-culator uses can recycling data provided by a representative sample of Every Can Counts programme users and collected between January 2011 and December 2011.  Energy saving comparisons are based on data provided by the European Aluminium Association, and based on the recycling of used aluminium beverage cans.