Every Can Counts helps increase recycling in Ipswich

A new on-street can recycling programme has begun in Ipswich town centre.

The bright green recycling bins, provided by Ipswich Borough Council and then wrapped with artwork designs provided by leading recycling programme Every Can Counts, have been produced to make it easier than ever for residents and visitors to recycle when out and about.

Three new designed recycling receptacles are located at the Tower Ramparts bus station, Major Corner’s bus stop and on Station Street. In addition, two bins are being used at events over the summer to promote recycling.

Every Can Counts is a partnership between drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry and leading Ipswich Borough Councillor Philip Smart said: “We provide ‘on-the-go’ street recycling bins for cans, bottles and paper throughout the town. We wanted to work with Every Can Counts as the design encourages more people to recycle and cuts cross-contamination by people putting other items in the can banks.”

Jonathan Easthope, Brand Manager of Every Can Counts, said: “Ipswich Borough Council is taking a forward thinking approach to recycling, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

“Cross-contamination in litter recycling bins is a major issue for council waste services and these recycling bins have been designed to make it as clear as possible. However, Every Can Counts isn’t just for councils; we also work with businesses to reduce waste costs by increasing recycling rates of drinks cans with free to use bins and communications material. We’re currently looking for businesses throughout Ipswich to get involved and would urge them to get in touch by calling 01527 597757, or visiting our website.”

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