Torquay volunteer rewards for canny environmental donations

An environmentally conscious Torquay volunteer has received a national recycling award for her work in support of Rowcroft Hospice.

Janice Lilley from Exe Hill, Shiphay, has received an Every Can Counts Green Can Award after collecting thousands of cans in a bid to raise money for the hospice.

Working with partner Barry Walker and a host of other volunteers Janice has been instrumental in tidying up her local area.

Presenting the award Ruth Meeke, Programme Manager of Every Can Counts, said: “Janice and her volunteers have been an immeasurable benefit to people in their local community. As well as raising much needed funds for Rowcroft Hospice and tidying the local area, Janice’s activities have saved energy. I’m extremely pleased to present this Green Can Award in recognition of her achievement.”

Janice, who is on a self-proclaimed personal quest to recycle every aluminium can in Shiphay, said: “As well as raising money for a good cause and tidying the local area I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that every can I collect is infinitely recyclable. Following receiving this award I’m determined to redouble my can collecting efforts during my travels around town.

“I’d also like to say a special thank you to local recycling organisation Glanvile Metals who reimburse us for our collected cans.”

Rowcroft Hospice, based in Torquay, provides comfort, support and specialist care to over 2,200 patients and their loved ones across South Devon each year. To find out more visit

Every Can Counts is a free to use recycling initiative that aims to increase the number of drinks cans recycled, whether at work or while out and about. Every Can Counts provides practical advice and support, including free communication materials and help with finding recycling collection partners.

To register for support from Every Can Counts sign up to the programme or call 01527 597 757.

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