How we helped
Beanacre and Melksham Cricket Club

Beanacre and Melksham Cricket Club located in Wiltshire, launched Every Can Counts in 2013 to encourage its members and supporters to recycle drinks cans at the club. The club continuously works to ensure that all drinks cans consumed at club matches and practices are recycled.

What we did

  • Introduced a collection system across the club
  • Utilised Every Can Counts recycling bins
  • Used a combination of email bulletins, recycling bin signage, and social media channels – to spread recycling awareness amongst staff, players and club visitors.

How it counted

  • Green Can Award winner
  • Over three large sacks of drinks cans recycled weekly
  • Improved awareness of recycling to all club members and visitors
  • Reduction in general waste being collected by the local council

Case study:
East Kilbride Football Club

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