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Facts and figures can help tremendously when you’re trying to explain why Every Can Counts. If you can get information from your recycling company or facilities management department on how many cans you are saving you can use this to encourage colleagues to keep recycling.

Based on figures we collected in 2010 we know that the ‘average’ employee recycles 4 drinks cans a month.  Use this stat across the number of people who work at your place to illustrate how you could all make your cans count. You could even set some targets, and make people quickly see the difference that saving their cans for recycling could make.

Distance: work out how far the cans you’ve recycled would stretch if laid end to end. It could be from here to London, Paris or New York. Or even the moon!

How? A typical (330ml) drinks can is 12cm tall, so 8 cans would stretch 1 metre and 800 would stretch 1 kilometre. The distance from Birmingham to London is 163km (or 800 x 163), so that’s 130,400 cans! (Use the website to calculate distances.)

Energy saving
This is a really good way of making recycling relevant.
The recycling process for drinks cans saves up to 95 per cent of the energy needed to make aluminium or steel from raw materials. Put another way, with the energy needed to make one aluminium can from raw materials, 20 could be made using recycled aluminium.

Here are some more facts. Once you know how many cans you are saving at work by recycling, you will be able to put together some very powerful statistics to make your colleagues really see the importance of recycling.

Did you know..?

Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to:

  • Run a stereo for 5 hours
  • Run a TV for 4 hours
  • Boil a kettle 3 times
  • Run a laptop for two hours
  • Charge your phone for one day
  • Power a tablet for two hours
  • Power a hairdryer for one hour
  • Power your shaver for one day
  • Run a lightbulb for one day

Any other ideas?

We are always working to add more ideas and suggestions to this website – and that’s we’re you come in. If you’d like to share any ideas for promoting recycling with us and other recycling champions around the UK, then we’d really like to hear from you. It could be an event you’ve run, a competition you’ve designed or some great coverage you’ve got in the company or local newsletter. Please let us know what works for you – it could help others make Every Can Count! Just drop us a line and we’ll do the rest.

And don’t forget you can contact us for additional information and advice too!

We’re developing new resources to support recycling champions everywhere, but to help us understand the challenges of recycling at work we’re looking to recruit some experts to give us some insight and share their experiences.

<p>See how much energy your organisation could save</p>

See how much energy your organisation could save


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