Recycling is good for business – most companies find it more cost effective than existing waste disposal arrangements

Every Can Counts is free to join. Just register online and we’ll keep you up to date with news, advice and ideas to help you make it work for your organisation.

Every Can Counts works on its own, or fits in well as part of an existing recycling programme.

Introducing can recycling and promoting a scheme using Every Can Counts materials like bin stickers and posters can boost recycling of all recyclable materials, not just cans. Visit our case studies section to see examples of this. Click here to download our free resources.

Once you order your free starter pack from Every Can Counts then within 5 working days you can be up and recycling!

If you already have a recycling system in place we can supply free stickers and leaflets to help you relaunch and reinvigorate your programme.

Encouraging a Can Do Attitude helps to make a real difference to the environment by saving energy and resources

And finally:

Introducing Every Can Counts demonstrates to employees, customers and suppliers that your organisation is serious about sustainability.

For more information share this link with your boss.

<p>See how much energy your organisation could save</p>

See how much energy your organisation could save


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